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I have something important to announce. I'm a self-taught penguin and I don't hold with any of this accreditation of penguins business. I don't need a bunch of poncy academics who've never been near an iceberg examining me on my skills thank you very much. Load of fucking polar bears. They can fuck right off, yes they can. Fuck em right in the ear.
While I know no one likes to talk about the potential for hugely bad news such as this, it all seems a bit sudden, wouldn't you say?

This seems either naive or maybe a bit dishonest to me.

In short, what's happening is a small-scale social crisis. What we have here is a case of bone fighting blood.

Hey, maybe that's what exams are for?
The question is not without precedent, merely without sense. Notwithstanding the moral deviancy of the querent we find ourselves of the increasing opinion that an answer would not be wholly undeserved, beverage of roasted bean remaining optional for the time being (&c, &c).

For these and some other distributions I carried out 10 million random trials.
It has often been said "Where would we be without the dodecohedrons?", but to that I wish to pose the question "Where would the triangles be without us?"

I hope that gives you something to ponder upon, upon this evening of yore with stars a glistening and storms a coming.

On that note, if a note is what is it when all is said and done, I object most vigarously and even vicariously to being called a troll Please ignore this fiendish and heinous ban list!
Another Person Lived Inside This Man for Nearly Four Decades

It's smegmacheez! (Who likes anal rape and necrophilia)
As I sit anticipating the first flight of another RC airplane, I recall past first flights and how different from my expectations they were. It seems that the more time spent in the shop creating a thing of beauty, the greater the risk of destroying it the first time out. Fortunately, I've had many exceptions to this rule, though my appreciation of an untested craft always seems to be completely different from a well seasoned one.

The first plane that I built and flew fully by myself was a Gentle Lady glider. I had also constructed the Heathkit radio, from the circuit board up. My construction techniques were none too polished, though adequate. I did manage to create a beautiful white craft with transparent red wings and tail. For reasons I don't recall, the first test glide was with the radio off. Trim was perfect, no left or right deviation, no stall or dive. It also had a much flatter glide slope than I had imagined. After crossing 75' of the back yard, the leading edge crumpled against a tree trunk a foot off the ground.
11:11 + 11:11 = 22:22

Calling Houston, calling Houston, Miranda is out of control!
What's the probability that three "randomly chosen" points in the plane will form an acute-angled triangle? Yeah, apparently we took a lot of the liturgical music from the protestants and made it "Catholic" by changing the words to fit our Crispy Cookies.

Which came as some surprise... I thought you died alone a long long time ago.

Circle, circle, geddit?
jumbo shrimp
ideas that are like your own
favorite to the max ice cream
exponential capacity
what it all meansI reccommend coca cola products
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Radioactive monkey mushrooms, inspired by turnips, slowly take over the world.

Watch for the stealth mission.