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Bouncing squares and floating, draggable windows. Linked from surfstation.lu once; the description said, 'Very different, and very confusing.'
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How old are you?
Any dead people on your friends list?
Cackles like a witch on crackhellbelle
Is secretly a furryfire_trucks
Picasso ate his nosewhat_a_waste
This is not an LJ userhedgemaster
Spongebath city with no light ropepenguineater
Can juggle standing on his headmycompassbroke
Could not laugh his way out of a paper sandwichto_daae_for
How absurd are you?
This Fun Quiz created by someone at BlogQuiz.Net

A sporking we will go, a sporking we will go, he ho di hi di ho, a sporking we will go.
Poor Harry, he wanted so much to be an artist. He wanted his songs to have meaning and substance. He wanted his music to be vibrant, and rich with the influences of jazz, blues and soul. But Harry's early albums didn't sell. His record company wasn't happy. The pressure to succeed and the lure of gold finally took it's toll, and the singer changed his tune.
Livejournal hacked by Bantown 1337 hackers

Why LJ isn't talking about Bantown

Hackers issue demands!
What did you mean you didn't notice I had been dead? Didn't the rotting flesh and stench of death give it away?

Yes, I've been dead. I've been dead more than once. Contrary to Christianity, I didn't go to heaven or to hell. I went to the Underworld, and hung out with Hades. Hades is a cool dude once you get to know him, though he's shy at first, likes to keep up that image of being fearsome. Roll up a spliff with him and he chills right out. That Persephone is kind of a bitch though. She wouldn't let me eat any penguins, only pomegranites. I know that trick. I didn't eat a thing. I had bad munchies though, that's why I had to come back to life. I was getting real hungry.

Have you ever been dead? Did you enjoy the experience?

Why do people make them?

Why not make a New Summer's Resolution?

My December 15th resolution is not to make any new year's resolutions.
Through the assistance of the shiny media discs, I was able to reconnect with a place I've inhabited on and off for over a decade. This year is the ten-year anniversary of the show's finale, and as Joel met characters like Maurice and Holling for the first time it put me in a thoughtful state of mind.
Another article from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv details the cover demoness, Zuggtmoy. The Foul Queen of Fungi ramps the creepy factor up several notches, with information on her cultists, their practices, and some of the creatures she has at her beck and call. I don't know why, but they've certainly been liking the subtly disturbing for the last several months in Dragon. They'd better not stop, is what I'm saying. In any case, good stuff here. I really like this series of articles, as it gets under the skin of the world in a way I find very appealing. The cultist details add a sense of continuity to what might otherwise be the random actions of faceless thralls. For example, one sacrifice to Zuggy involves a procedure the cultists call "Zuggtmoy's Cradle". A victim is tied up with rope of their own hair and buried in a bog with a breathing tube. Fungal spores and gruel are fed to the buried sacrifice, who screams for days before the spores consume them from within. Tasty details.
In one month it will be a new year.

Are you excited?