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I Eat Penguins

for breakfast

Priviledged information may require FIENDS ONLY access code.

absurdism, all things in miniature, amusing genetic copies, anais nin incarnate, andré breton, angelina jolie, anti-antidisestablishmentarianism, associating with intelligence, being defiantly gracious, bijou bohemian brasseries, bizarre, blake's infernal method, blowing my nose, brecht, bullshitting bullshitters, carrots, chocolate, coffee, construction, cyber-culture, dada, dali, debris, deliberately forgetting the '-ly', dissonance, distortion, do-i-make-you-ornery?, drama whores, drinking you goodbye, drunken poetics, e e cummings, edward gorey, emotional peonage, eugene ionesco, evil gnomes, fluorous catalysts, food, garden gnomes, garlic, geeks, gettin' stabby, god, goin' barefoot, hating those "other moms", hating-&-needing samuel beckett, hobbits, humoring you, idiots, imbibing life's combustibles, interactive fiction, jamming, kate winslet, kindly old folk, language, leveling up my dwarf, lord of the rings, lunatics, magritte, men who wear hats, money laundering, muscleshirt shenanigans is dead?, music, music of the night, night-drives with mr. b, not looking when listening, not vegans ever, nylons w/ backseams, o'erhasty dialogue, oscar wilde, penguins, phantoms, philosophy, plotting your demise, poetry (not yours), psychos, rapid hope loss, reality, recurring thoughts of suicide, remembering to breathe, ruling out vasculitis, scantily-clad men, smirking ominously, snape killed dumbledore, social impairment, sparse interests lists, stalkers, standing on sitting furniture, surrealism, tea, the tommy grand character, the universe, thorns in your side, understanding your perspective (mostly), unreality, vacationing with purple hair, vampires, wacky mushroom goat, with malice!, yohn happened, your cheap little sex, zito's curve ball